Joleen is a United States Navy Veteran from Desert Storm and currently lives in Northern California. She is a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur with a background in education. She graduate from Chico State with a Bachelors of Science in Health Science with a focus in Community and Public Health Education. Her desire is to empower, educate and support others as her mission to give back to those in her community.

Military Sexual Trauma was a part of her active duty experience and she buried it for two decades before coming forward because she thought she was alone. She also didn’t realize how prolific this was and still is in the military culture.

She founded in 2017 Women Veterans Warriors & Survivors (WVWS), a private Facebook group for women MST survivors in a way to support those needing to share or become empowered to connect with others. In 2019 the group expanded to online, which hosts events and virtual meets.

Additionally through her desire to heal from her trauma, she created a public forum called MST Voices so that others may share their stories in a way to also educate the civilian and military communities about Military Sexual Trauma and women roles in this culture.

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Women Veterans Warriors & Survivors (WVWS)

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MST Voices