Our Mission

Our Mission is to help survivors of MST and their families connect to  various professional organizations, local support groups and literature that specialize in the healing process of MST. We recognize that there are numerous organizations and we are determined to pull all these organizations together to one location so that survivors can easily locate the best one that suits their needs of healing.

Our Story

We are all survivors and have all walked a similar path at different times of our life. We also have various ways we have chosen to no longer be victims in this journey. This Project is our way to enable support for one another, bring each survivor together and serve one another which we so valiently did while serving our country.

Meet the Team

Bonnie A Walker

Founder, Contributor and Advocate

As an MST survivor, Bonnie has strived to makes sense of this through her healing process. This challenge became difficult for her to find others that she could relate to. As time has past, she recognized there were many resources but not a lot of individuals knew about these organizations. She is determined to bring all these sources to one location so that it makes the next warrior sister or brother of MST easier to find the help they need.

Jacqueline Baum

Contributor and Advocate

“As an MST victim and survivor, staying silent and keeping all of that inside was what was destroying me.”

My hope is to create more public awareness of MST and the lifelong harm it causes.  My hope is that military justice will one day actually mean justice for the victims and punishment for the perpetrators.


Joleen R. Hottel

        Contributor and Advocate

   ” I desire to empower, educate and support others. This has become my mission… to give back.”

     My hope is that during the process on my healing and my own story that while I share my stories that  I  can empower other survivors  to share theirs in a public forum so that the civilian and military communities can be educated about Military Sexual Trauma and women roles in the culture.




Mike- Wa. ; Teresa- Mo.; Pamalonia- Wa; Paula-Ca; Kim- Fl.; Cinder- Az.; Gwen- Wa.;Jennifer-Wv