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Across our Great Nation, men and women come forward willing to protect and defend our country. They come forward willing to sacrifice their life to protect the freedoms that our nation has built and swear to uphold. Military Service Members and Veterans are routinely thanked for their service to our country, yet for some an invisible scar of that service remains. This scar is not seen visibly but the pain, damage, and trauma from it can impact these individuals for decades. 

We believe that seeing these invisible scars with the same hand that they raised to take the Oath of Enlistment will empower those that want to stand for change, bring light to the many that journey through the pain that they have experienced, allow others to see they are not alone, and most importantly,  show the nation that we have sworn to protect the inequalities that our Armed Services are plagued with.

If you are one of these brave men and women who carry this burden, please consider sharing your invisible scar at:    [email protected]