Here are list of Retreats that we have been able to locate and the State in which it is located in. Based on each various organization, it would be impossible for us to keep a calendar of Retreat dates. We encourage you to research each organization, and decide which would best suit your needs.

Lone Survivor Foundation

Reins of Hope Ventura County  – California

Brave Women Veterans Retreats – Tennessee

5Palms      -Florida (requires insurance for filing- between 28-30 day inpatient treatment)

Silver Lining Villages– Georgia  (workshops) call for retreats

Melwood– Maryland ( retreats listed and are no cost to service member or veteran)

Warrior Connection – Vermont

Internity– Maine

Regaining Balance–    New Mexico

Veterans Path – California, Colorado, Tennessee

Veteran Women Voices –  California

Serenity Trauma Center– California

The Reconnect Center– California

Warriors Ascent– Missouri   ( The contact information is Outdated- we are currently trying to reach out and get information on this organization)

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance– Arkansas ( outdoor adventures)

Heros On the Water– Nationwide (outdoor adventures)

Warrior Mission: At Ease – Florida 

Connected Warriors- Nationwide

Project New Hope- Massachusetts

Healing Warrior Hearts– Wisconsin

Active Heros– Kentucky

Operation Song– Tennessee

Armed Services Armed Partnership– Virginia